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Map Printing Tools
Print Map
Map Printing Settings
File Format:
Print Layout:
Map Title:

Click to display print settings to change the file format, page orientation or to add a title to the map.

Multi Selection Tools
Start Selection Tool

Click and drag to select a property or multiple properties on the map

Start Lasso Selection Tool

Click and draw a polygon around the desired search area. Double click to close the polygon and start the search.

Buffer Selection Tools
Buffer Distance

Search for a property or Select a property on the map that you want to buffer

Measurement Tool
Start Measurement Tool

Toggle on the Start Measurement Tool to activate. Click on the map to start measurement – double click to end the measurement. The distance is a total measurement.

Property and Mailing Reports
View Report

Search for a property or multiple properties on the map that for which you want a report or mailing list. The property will be highlighted. Then select the Property and Mailing Report button.

Quick Help Guide


Enter name, address or PCN in the search box. Scroll suggested parcels and click to select one.


Click a property on the map to select it.
To select multiple properties, hold down the
Ctrl key and click the parcel.
Or use the Mult Selection Tool under
Tools & Reports.


The Layers tab shows aerial and informational layers

Tools & Reports

Click words Start Selection Tool. On the map, click and hold the mouse button down to draw a box over the parcels you’d like. To add more parcels to the selection, click Start Selection Tool again and draw another box on the map.

Click words Start Lasso Selection Tool to use an irregular shape to select multiple parcels. On the map, click once to start drawing the selection shape. Each click will start a new segment of line. When ready, double-click to complete the shape. Each parcel touched by the shape will be selected.

To use the Buffer Selection Tool, click one parcel on the map, set the buffer distance, and click the words Buffer Distance.

Print Map will print the current map view, including any selected layers. The orientation and file type can be changed.

Click the Start Measurement Tool and on the map, click to begin drawing a shape to be measured. Double-click when complete and the tool will show a total distance in feet.

The View Report button shows both an information report and a mailing list for any parcel(s) that are selected on the map. The reports can be exported.

Parcel Property Use X

Condo/Zero Lots
Parks and

      (Single-family/        Manufactured)
Parcel Sale X

< 6 months
6 months - 1 year
1 - 2 years
2 - 3 years
> 3 years
Last sale date
Homestead X